SIA Membership Information

Membership shall be limited to singles, age 18 and over, who are EMPLOYED IN AGRICULTURE, have a BACKGROUND IN AGRICULTURE, have an INTEREST IN AGRICULTURE, or are affiliated with one of the various branches of agriculture. Applicants must be single - not married and never convicted of a felony.

To join you may click on the JOIN NOW button above or on MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION below.  Follow the instructions on the form. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the office.

You can attend a couple of events before making the decision to join. Hope to see you at the next event.


You will be assigned a membership number, receive an ID card, a current copy of the National SIA By-Laws, and have membership voting privileges after you choose one of the following types of membership.

Basic Membership

  • $40.00
  • Name Only in Directory - No Resume

Resume Membership

  • $40.00
  • Name and Address Shown in Directory
  • Resume required (50 words or less)

Coded Directory Membership

  • $40.00
  • Includes First Name Only and Coded Number Shown in Directory
  • Resume required (50 words or less)

Associate Membership (Singles No More)

  • $40.00 per couple
  • Names Only Shown in Directory

Your name will be listed in the Newsletter/Directory under your state. You will receive the national Newsletter/Directory for one year.  It is published four times during the year.

State Chapter Membership

You may also choose to be a chapter member and receive chapter newsletters and other chapter benefits. Chapter membership is optional however you must be a national member when joining a chapter. Chapters and their annual dues are listed below.

  • ILLINOIS (IL) - $12.00
  • INDIANA (IN) - $12.00
  • IOWA (IA) - $12.00
  • KANSAS (KS) - $12.00
  • MISSOURI (MO) - $12.00
  • NEBRASKA (NE) - $12.00
  • OHIO (OH) - $12.00
  • OKLAHOMA (OK) - $15.00
  • ROCKY MOUNTAIN (CO, WY) - $12.00
  • TEXAS (TX)- $15.00
  • WISCONSIN (WI) - $15.00

Membership Application


Singles in Agriculture

SIA National Office
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Stockton, IL 61085
Phone (815) 947-3559


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